ATP: PensionClass

Hjaltelin Stahl

Entry Information

Country where program ran: Denmark
Program start date: 10/16/12
Program end date: 03/30/13
Advertiser/Client Name: ATP
Product/Service Description: ATP provides services to almost all citizens and companies in Denmark. ATP administers a number of schemes, most of which are statutory and designed to provide basic financial security. ATP ensures that the vast majority of Danes have a bit more to live on when they retire. This is the security ATP's clients gain.
Category: Financial Products and Services (FPS)


Business problem

Background Being the largest Danish pension fund ATP has a great responsibility to ensure Danes financial security in retirement. And with the responsibility comes the desire to make complex pension issues understandable, relevant and interesting for Danes. Therefore ATP launched in the autumn of 2011, as the place online where you could increase pension knowledge by:

  • Reading articles that can make retirement a little easier to understand
  • Participate in tests, polls and surveys about pension
  • Watching web-videos about what the Danes think about retirement and how the Danish pension system is put together
  • Seeing what age you would statistically retire and how old you will live to be