Agency trading tasks demystified

Ken Beaulieu


Ask a group of marketers for their opinions on "agency trading desks" and you will likely be met with a collective, "Huh?" While trading desks have been around for about four years, little has been done to educate the marketing community about their potential benefits.

"I found the extensive lack of awareness of agency trading desks shocking," admits Bill Duggan, group executive vice president at the ANA. "Why? That remains a mystery to me. Historically, when agencies have offered new services, those have been loudly promoted. Not so here."

That prompted the ANA to develop the white paper Agency Trading Desks: Basics Marketers Need to Know and Questions to Ask. The white paper reveals the origin of agency trading desks, how they make money, the benefits and criticisms of the model, and what marketers need to consider before engaging a trading desk.

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