Love the Ad. Buy the product?

Why liking the advertising and preferring the brand aren't such strange bedfellows after all

Alexander L Biel

Leading edge stuff: a corpus of quantified US data confirms that, and seems to explain why, the ads people like sell brands best. Formal work by The Centre for Research & Development, in California, has now been corroborated and extended by the US Advertising Research Foundation, with implications that will reverberate round the world agency business.

CRD's Alex Biel explains how his organisation explored the 'enjoyment element' by factor analysis, and homes in on those dimensions of enjoyment that actually work, rather than merely entertain. Meaningfulness is crucial; fmcg brands have better chances. He also advances five hypotheses about how and why liking sells.

CONTEXT. Consumers' liking (or enjoyment) of commercials - innocent and admirable in itself - is one of the most controversial dimensions in the continued search to find out what makes an ad more effective. If enjoyment's relevant, how does it work?