Ubisoft Just Dance: Hiring America to Launch a Product

Category: New Product or Service Introductions
Brand/Client: Ubisoft Just Dance
Primary Agency: Nomadic Agency/Prizelogic
Contributing Agency: Wheelhouse Productions


Category Opportunity

In recent years the video game market had transformed dramatically. The Nintendo® Wii™ made console gaming more accessible to the casual gaming segment (aka 'Yahoo Games Moms' and their families). Guitar Hero and other music-oriented casual games became highly successful, due in part to their broad appeal to this previously untapped market.

Product Solution

Ubisoft recognized this trend and capitalized on an opportunity to create a new dance title for anyone to play. They moved quickly to develop 'Just Dance' – a multi-player Wii game featuring 32 hit songs spanning the last five decades – just in time for the 2009 holiday shopping season. Unlike the category leader, Dance Dance Revolution, Just Dance did not require a mat; instead, it required just one Wii remote, making it the most accessible dance game on the market. And its dance moves were fun, appealing and easy for everyone to learn.