Communications: Not Waving but Drowning

Jenny Williams
Information Manager, Levers.

I have not been reading the MRS Newsletter much lately. Or rather, I have not been reading many of the articles. I do skip through to see who is doing what and which jobs are up for grabs, but that is about it.

The MRS does not feel relevant to my job any more. To be honest, I feel I have left it behind. The increasingly rapid development of retail scanning-based information services in Northern Europe has brought about a data explosion – with enormous implications for the future of Continuous Research in Great Britain and elsewhere. Somehow I do not feel that the MRS is on board with it all.

Take pricing: I can now examine, in detail, my company's operational and strategic effectiveness in this area by calling on over 30 causal 'facts' associated directly with price. And there are 150 different measures to show me the full effect of any operational activity on company sales. And all this is now available every single week of the year at GB, regional and (limited) Named Account level, and more Named Accounts may follow.