Taiwan Fruit Beer: Mom's Catered Banquet Dish

Ashley Hsieh and Winnie Lee

Campaign details

Brand owner: Taiwan Beer
Agency: McCann
Brand: Taiwan Fruit Beer
Country: Taiwan
Channels used: Internet – microsites, widgets, Social media, Word of mouth and viral
Media budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

With Taiwan Beer already dominating a market with a mature consumer base, the launch of a new beer in Taiwan was a steep challenge. So in order to launch their new, lighter, fruity beer, Taiwan Beer decided to target people who don't usually drink beer, through local diners and restaurants across the country, and in so doing gained an unprecedented 5% market share in the process.

With the challenge to quickly establish a 2% market share, it leveraged the Taiwanese love of food and celebration meals to hold the biggest catered banquet in Taiwan, and establish Taiwan Fruit Beer as the drink of choice for meals with friends.