Everest – TV advertising is dead, long live TV advertising

Principal Author: James Devon – MBA

Contributing Authors: Steve Henderson and Giovanni Romero – Mindshare; Duncan Bland – Everest


All the judges were delighted to see Everest in this year's Awards. There was much talk about the great old ads and the brilliant product demonstrations that were used in them. Hence it was with delight that many read this paper, updating the brand but staying so true to its roots. Everest wished to double the size of their business just as the recession hit. With a heritage founded from the 1980s ‘Ted Moult’ adverts, Everest was tainted with outdated perceptions. The decision was made to reintroduce TV brand advertising using a fresh presenter, in order to reinvigorate the brand. As a result, since 2007 Everest's core product sales have grown 5.39% in a market that has declined 24.27%. Econometrics shows that the campaign has contributed c. £45.6m in sales and a payback close to 4:1. Moreover, the TV campaign heavily boosted internet leads, both directly and indirectly, which together have meant Everest was able to continue outperforming the market. There's lots to learn from this paper, particularly how even a small brand can profitably use TV advertising, and how communications can help make other more direct sales channels increasingly effective.