Agency: Chiat/Day/Mojo Inc. Advertising Authors: I Forsyth, S Hancock, M Cook, M Schedlich and D Turney

Nissan 'Satisfaction Commitment' Campaign



We have to remember what most car advertising was like before Nissan moved the goal posts on the field: glistening metal on rain-drenched streets at dawn; raw power and promises. It was a focus firmly fixed on the car and what psychological benefits it offered its owner. If that didn't get you, then low rate financing and cash back come-ons were designed to pry car buyers out of the woodwork. To all this, a new voice was heard when Nissan Canada entered the decade with its 'Satisfaction Commitment'.

Cut to

A long shot of a car broken down on the side of a lonesome highway, spectacular shots of Canadian landscape and a calm, matter-of-fact voice talking about the reality of car ownership and the responsibilities of a car maker to its customers.