Emotional Branding Pays Off: How Brands Meet Share of Requirements through Bonding, Companionship, and Love

John Rossiter

University of Wollongong

Steve Bellman

Interactive Television Research Institute/Murdoch University

Management slant

  • "Emotional branding," which now rivals the traditional "USP" approach for many products and services, is shown overall to be equally effective for increasing the brand's purchase share of requirements (SOR%).
  • However, the specific emotions of trust, bonding, resonance, companionship, and love differ vastly in their SOR "payoff" across product categories—sometimes doubling SOR and at other times not helping at all.
  • Moreover, when measured in extreme all-or-none or "pick any" form, the specific emotions, other than trust, proved to be attainable only at very low incidence, even for brands that the consumer currently buys.
  • Whether advertising, as opposed to favorable usage experience, can "attach" specific full-strength emotions to brands is an open research question.