Alfa: The Hijack

Leo Burnett Beirut


Our client “Alfa”, a telecom provider in Lebanon, wanted to create a buzz around a recently launched service “Ehkineh”; which literally means “Call me” in English.

True to its name, this service allows the users to send “Please call me back” messages for free, whenever they are out of credit.

We opted for a guerilla communication strategy, choosing to interrupt 6 primetime programs on 6 main radio stations on the same day.

Based on improvisations that happened live, a different character would interrupt a presenter to convey a message to someone because he had no more credits on his phone to call him.

The Hijacks of the 6 radio stations happened on the same day. After successfully interrupting the 3 morning shows of 3 channels, the news spread and other stations started to heighten security.

We moved to Plan B and called the station’s live programs to interrupt them in a different way.