The Australian Choice

The launch of Golden Circle Baby Food in Australia


Against tough competition, where three major multinationals (Nestle, Gerber and Nutricia) had tried and failed to compete with the long-established Heinz stranglehold, Golden Circle's launch into baby food has been an outstanding success.

Targets were smashed within the first 15 weeks of launch and within only 12 months, Golden Circle achieved a massive 36.4% share of the canned wet baby food market and 22.2% of the total market, far exceeding the pre-launch goal of 15%.

With a strong proposition, emotionally involving, informative and relevant advertising and a range of targeted media, Golden Circle secured an exceptionally strong position in an incredibly short period of time.

All above and below-the-line advertising strongly established Golden Circle as 'The Australian Choice'. This was a proposition that provided not only a unique and compelling reason to switch from the dominant Heinz brand but resulted in consumers switching from glass to cans, growing a previously declining market in 2001 by 12.9% by year end 2002.