Sony: The launch of PS4

BBH New York

What were the objectives for the creative work?

i. The business objectives:

After the glory days of the PlayStation and PS2, the PS3 had the lowest install base by the end of its generation.1

The task was clear: to return PlayStation to #1 in the console market with the PS4.

The goal was to gain 31% of the market at launch and sell ∼2M PS4 units in the US.2

In the last generation, we had lost momentum with the core community. This time, we had to get them on our side from the beginning.

Winning at launch was crucially important for the following reasons:

a. The launch of a new generation can make or break the brand

Historically, brands that start out strong at the beginning of the generation continue to gain traction and become the dominant share leader for the generation. PS2 did this in 6th gen and XB360 in 7th. The race is on to get to critical mass and become 'the' platform.