The multi-media blitz – a study on building appointment viewing using multi-media promotions

Atul Phadnis
TAM Media Research, India

Amogh Dusad
S-Group, TAM Media Research, India


With 200-plus TV stations in India, there are more than 30,000 programs that go on air every week. In such a scenario one can imagine the tall task of launching a new show and making it popular. Again the numbers are scary, what with 400-plus new shows going on air every week! Audience Creation for new programs has been a subject of much discussion because of the costs involved as well as due to some mega-failures in recent times. The analysis of the failures exposed certain cases where the content was good but due to improper communication and promotion plans, the shows bombed and failed.

In our efforts to understand the relationship between promotions and audience creation, we now have empirical evidence in the Indian market that 'on-air promotions' (promotions on television) play a huge role in audiences sampling new programs. This study, however, focuses on a new exciting finding about effects of multi-media promotions in aiding TV promotions for creation of audiences. In certain cases where large multimedia campaigns have been used for promoting new shows, we have found either completely new viewer sets being generated or the conversions from on-air promotions improving significantly. In a time where big budget multimedia program promotions are on the rise, this is an extremely encouraging finding for the Indian broadcast industry.