Agency: J Walter Thompson Author: Mary Stow, Paul Baker and Terry Prue

Andrex: Sold on a Pup


If a league table of Great British brands were to be compiled, Andrex would be there in the premier division, richly deserving its status as a 'superbrand'. However it must be said that intuitively it is strange that a brand of toilet paper should be in a position to achieve this accolade. The esteem in which this brand is held by consumers does not seem to fit with the esteem of the product and its function!

Our assertion in this case history is that this effect is due in a major part to a Labrador puppy, who has appeared consistently in Andrex' TV advertising since 1972.


Unchallenged brand leadership

Andrex is by far the biggest brand in its market, and has been since the early 1960s when soft toilet tissue became the norm.