DELA: Why wait until it's too late

Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam


Funeral insurance company, DELA, is a co-operative of 3 million members. DELA believes in a dignified farewell for everyone, but above all being there for each other during life.

This co-operative identity, however, was not very visible over the last couple of years. The campaign had to bring DELA's tagline "For each other" to life and make the topic "being there for each other during life" relevant in society. The most beautiful words are often spoken when someone has passed away. But why wait until it's too late? Say something wonderful today. With an integrated campaign people were given the chance to share beautiful words with someone they love.

National context of the campaign

The Netherlands is still recovering from the crisis. Banks and insurance companies played a crucial part in that crisis and are therefore seriously distrusted by the Dutch public. Because DELA is a non-profit making cooperative, they had to emphasize their identity and get rid of negative associations with their brand.