The Co-operative taste team

Co-operative Food and Join the Dots


We show how Co-operative Food and Join the Dots made significant improvements to the data generated from Co-operative Food's Taste Team employee panel focused on driving new product development through the use of in-home taste tests. These improvements mean that the data is now far more widely accepted by stakeholders, leading to better informed decisions based on consumer feedback.

In particular, all areas that influenced data collection were looked at and improved upon including stakeholder buy in, panel member recruitment, criteria/selection of panel members for individual tests, on-going engagement of Taste Team members, fieldwork/data collection methods, analysis and reporting. These improvements allowed Co-operative to successfully increase the charge to suppliers for the product submission.

"The changes to the Taste Team programme, as implemented in collaboration with Join the Dots, have made a major impact on our ability to deliver great products. The re-invigorated programme has allowed the Co-operative to put customers at the heart of product development, understanding what they want and expect from Co-operative Food own brand, and it ensures we deliver against these expectations. The buy-in to Taste Team goes to the highest level, reporting in to the monthly Board Meeting." Lisa Conerney, Taste Team Manager & Abi Watson, Food Quality Manager – The Co-operative Group