Ray Donovan: NY Times app takeover

Campaign details

Advertiser: Ray Donovan
Agency: Showtime Networks
Category: Video / Rich Media
Region: NA


The main objective of the Ray Donovan marketing strategy was to drive tune-in to the series premiere, making Ray Donovan the highest rated series debut on Showtime, while reinforcing Showtime as the network with the most unique, cutting edge, and talked about series on television. With Ray Donovan, we knew we had a hit on our hands, with a complex, multi-layered storyline paired with the star sell of Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight. We just needed audiences to sample the pilot and want to learn more about the elusive dynamic between Ray and his father, Mickey, and then want to come back week after week to learn more and watch the drama unfold.

For Ray Donovan, the psychographic profile of our target was the "self-educators." The "self-educator" is curious and loves the process of discovering "the find", in other words they are hungry for the consumption of new information, and revel in being the first in the know. These consumers then act as a trusted resource for their friends and family to gain new information. The self-educator is pretty much a marketer's dream. In addition, research showed us that the Ray Donovan audience heavily over-indexed against mobile usage.