Navigating Generation Y for Effective Mobile Marketing in India: A Conceptual Framework

Varsha Jain and Saumya Pant


Mobile usage has increased extensively in the emerging countries, especially India. It is the largest country in the world where the mobile users are increasing dramatically on a monthly basis. Mobile phones are primarily used by the young (Gen Y) in India and 50% of its population is under 25 years of age. This provides immense opportunities to marketers to cater to this segment. This paper explores the studies of different types of generations as it helps in understanding the emergence of Generation Y. The purpose of the study was to comprehend the nuances of Generation Y for effective mobile marketing. The authors found seven parameters, such as nature of communication, readiness to purchase, media consumption, nature of information related to brand, brand consciousness and classification of consumers, after extensively studying all the generations. These parameters vary in all the generations. They are very helpful in developing effective mobile marketing approaches. The authors found that Generation Y has high spending power, believes in amusement, has high aspirations and desires, and needs very creative, engaging and customized messages on the mobile phone.