Southwest Airlines: Grab Your Bag. It's On/Bags Fly Free

Category: Transportation
Brand/Client: Southwest Airlines
Primary Agencies: GSD&M / Camolet Communications


As a category, airline success is measured by a staggering number of metrics (Revenue Passengers Carried, Revenue Passenger Miles, Enplaned Passengers, Load Factor, Available Seat Miles and dozens of others) to gauge efficiency and benchmark competitively. But in the end, quarterly profits are the ultimate category success yardstick. With so many government bailouts of major players, it's become a bit of an industry joke. Simply staying in existence and not losing too much money has been hailed by some as an outright achievement. Even at such a low threshold, this was easier said than done in 2008 due to a continuing economic slump, relatively high energy prices, rising security concerns and too often, very unhappy customers.