Electronic Arts: Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2

Agency: Draftfcb, San Francisco
Client: Electronic Arts, Inc.
Product: Dead Space 2


Make a Niche Game Mainstream.

Dead Space 2 is the sequel to one of the most grotesque yet critically acclaimed games in history – a game that sold over 1.64MM lifetime units in the United States and 400,905 copies in the first five weeks1 to fans of the "survival-horror" genre. Unlike conventional action games, survival-horror games are about staying alive against all odds. With limited ammo and abilities, you must rely more on your wits than your weapons – and if you don't, the consequences are gruesome. Not surprisingly, this isn't for everyone – the survival-horror market size is estimated at 3.3MM gamers in the United States2. EA's plan for Dead Space 2 was to grow their audience and break through to the 11.8MM 18-34 year old males3 who make up the mainstream action gaming audience.