Seven Big Ideas - Peck & Peck: That Certain Kind of Woman

Peggy Wasley

After I heard that Peck & Peck's advertising had been chosen as one of the Big Ideas to be presented to the Central Region Meeting of the A.A.A.A., I began to wonder why. A rather small retail operation mingling with the giants of industry? A fashion account rubbing shoulders with corporate thinking? A 100% woman-oriented message in this man's world? What is it about this rather square, often controversial, but fantastically successful campaign that makes it rate?

Very simple. Like all good campaigns it reflects a good product. Peck & Peck, as you may or may not know, is a specialty store. It is 68 specialty stores because that's how many Peck & Peck's there are in the U. S. You'll find one in almost every major city and affluent suburb from St. Louis and Minneapolis eastward. Unlike most retail chains, it is centrally operated. All merchandise for all stores is bought by the New York buyer for a particular department and distributed to the various stores. Advertising is also controlled in New York. This makes Peck & Peck unique among retailers and it also gave the agency a unique opportunity to build a campaign that separates it from the usual, run-of-the-mill retail advertising.