The global consumers' view on corporate responsibility

Nicola Lindsey
Evo Research and Consulting Inc., United States

Lutfee Huang
Wisdom Asia Marketing & Research Consulting Pte Ltd, China


Globally, Corporate Responsibility (CR) is an area of growing importance – socially, economically and politically. Numerous quant studies indicate that there is a huge disparity attitude between the consumer's attitude toward CR and their actual behavior. In an effort to understand this issue from the consumers' perspective, and to inform our clients, Evo embarked on an international qualitative inquiry in Spring/Summer 2008 in eight major markets: United States, United Kingdom, China, Germany, Italy, Russia, Mexico and Brazil.

The overarching objective for the research was to understand what is really in the minds of consumers when they consider CR, and how these perceptions impact on their purchase decisions? In particular, we wanted to know: