Day of the Clones - Either a brand is different or it is dead

Simon Silvester

The human brain is drawn to differentiation like a moth to a lightbulb. It is the most important factor in marketing. But also the least measured.

Differentiation is vital.
It is the lifeblood of all marketing.
But few companies ever measure it on their brands.
And in most companies, what doesn't get measured, gets ignored.
As a result, their brands are becoming the same as their competitors: clones of each other.
Clone brands are often big, familiar, household names. But they struggle to attract customers.
And to keep those they have.
They cannot extend into new areas.
And their margins are low.
They represent a kind of living death in modern commerce.


Tom is a brand manager. His approach is thoroughly professional. He's searching the world for best practice, and is bringing it to his brand. He's also benchmarking his brand against competitors, making it look as good as they do. And he's optimizing his communication plans, ensuring they're best-in-class.