Fisher & Paykel: Live A Haier Life

Category: Consumer Durables
Hardest Challenge
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Client: Fisher & Paykel


Since its entry into the market eight years ago, Haier had seen consistently low brand measures, poor sales results and consequently little retailer support.

With an honest and highly differentiating story, the 'Live a Haier Life' campaign found an opening into the untapped younger market.

The acknowledgement that Haier's products were not the stuff of daydreams, was an incredibly brave move, but one that paid off.

Not only have all brands and sales scores well exceeded expectations but Haier has shaken up the industry.

It's fair to say Haier is now a true contender in the Australian whiteware market. It's important to note that this case study is about a New Zealand advertising agency and a New Zealand company marketing one its brands in Australia.

Marketing Challenges & Objectives