Client: Beiersdorf AG
Brand: Nivea for men
Campaign: Good Investment
Category: FMCG

The campaign aimed to establish NIVEA FOR MEN DNAge anti-wrinkle cream successfully while facing a general Face Care market saturation. Growth within this market derived only from the anti-age segment, driven by a dominating competitor – L'Oréal Men Expert. To achieve the defined goal, the campaign had to activate two different male target groups: men who expect strong anti-age benefits (current category users) and men who are indifferent about these because they don't really care about a few wrinkles (current non-users). The key to success was the insight that all these men did not really want to look younger or different: They believe that the current version of themselves is the best ever. This led to a campaign idea that promotes an anti-wrinkle cream without talking about wrinkles: Invest in a vital look. Supported by a very focused media strategy, the campaign managed to catapult NIVEA FOR MEN DNAge immediately to a top position within the overall Face Care market.