PepsiCo: Transform your Patch

Arnold KLP


In 2012, PepsiCo/Britvic faced the toughest year in its history, competing against Coca-Cola in a host Olympic market. Past experience highlighted the dangers of Coke's significant over investment in such markets; in this case outstripping PepsiCo/Britvic's spend by 20 to 1.

With no big sponsorship to attract retailers and shoppers alike, the client needed an idea to protect their brands' share (Pepsi Max, Mountain Dew Energy, 7Up, Lipton Iced Tea, Robinson's, Fruit Shoot, Tango and Juicy Drench) in a highly competitive market place.

In reality, the idea succeeded in stealing share from Coca Cola.

"Transform Your Patch", turned a soft drink purchase into the regeneration of local outdoor space. From football pitches to skate parks, playgrounds to picnic parks, the idea benefited all and brought communities closer together as a result. Not only that, it challenged conventional promotional wisdom, changing the way that PepsiCo/Britvic went about developing campaigns in the future.

National Context of the Campaign