Grant's Blended Scotch Whisky: Corner to Corner 2009 – 2012

Category: Sustained Success
Agency: bcg2
Client: Lion


Grant's Blended Scotch Whisky bowled right back into number one position with this three year campaign. It had been losing market leadership, due to aggressive competitor discounts, but by connecting with a core demographic of consumers it turned this around.

Lawn Bowl's strong following amongst target drinkers and a natural fit with Grant's values made 'Corner to Corner' tournaments perfect ways to experience the brand's positioning "Try a different angle" as a mixed sports sponsorship and bespoke brand experience.

Three seasons later Grant's remains number one in its category, is defending its sales volumes and as Grant's only promotional activity in New Zealand, Corner to Corner is still gaining momentum.

Key learnings

While, Grant's defines its core target consumers as 45+ males, semi-retired, who enjoy the companionship of a drink with friends and/or family at the end of the day. The reality was many drinkers were aged 60+.