The Health Insurance System – A Key to Health?

Vojtech Spacil
Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic


The transition process of the Czech economy is also apparent in the health service. We are now entering the third year of the transition of the health insurance system. The involving of the health insurance companies has been the main feature of the new system (see Figure 1). What had the new system brought ? First of all many disillusions. The proposed model costs more than it has been expected without any substantive improvement in the product range and the quality of health services.

Last year the costs of the health service were 7,11 % of GDP. This percentage is similar to the level of expenses in developed European countries, but the Czech economy is not so powerful. Moreover there is the internal debt in the investments and the device equipment in the Czech Republic. The structure of finance of the health care is following : 66 % comes from the health insurance companies, 28 % are the governmental expenses and only 6 % comes from the local budgets.