Festival of Museums


Client: Tayburn for Museums Galleries Scotland
Category: Museums, galleries, events and visitor attractions

Executive summary

Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS) is currently undergoing the transition to become the National Development Body for museums and galleries in Scotland. The Scottish museums and galleries sector welcomes 25 million visitors and provides £800 million in value to the Scottish economy.

Since 2006, as part of its support and promotion strategy MGS has run a weekend of approximately 90 daytime and evening events designed to celebrate and showcase the many eclectic cultural experiences offered to visitors by museums and galleries.

However, in 2011, against the backdrop of cuts to public sector budgets1, MGS recognised the need to up the anti on the event and as a result of a name change, briefed Tayburn to create a unifying mark and a national publicity campaign with the objective of bringing a very diverse and geographically dispersed events programme together.