Marketing the work of engineers: technology as a service

Laurie Young

In this insightful article, Laurie Young examines a paradox: why, in a world where added value services increasingly dominate, and where some of the largest and most successful companies are technology companies, is the marketing of technology services so underdeveloped – particularly in the B2B sector?

Much has been written about the marketing of consumer products, hospitality services, financial services and professional services. Very little, though, has been said about marketers who routinely deal with the work of engineers. Yet they include some of the largest and most famous businesses in the world: IBM, BT, Shell, Fujitsu, Ericsson, Michelin, Virgin, Nokia and HP.

It may be that so much of their work is business-to-business markets – a discipline neglected by so many marketers. Or it may be because marketing has had so little political weight in these organisations.