Dongel - KPN Business Market

Agency name: N=5
Client name: KPN Business Market
Category: B2B


KPN breaks conventions through its approach to the business market. This approach is based on the notion that businesses, just like ordinary people, do not choose KPN because of the use of business jargon and technical telecom terms in their communications; instead, they choose the company because of its broad consumer-focused approach that communicates clear and simple messages in a humorous way.

Although mobile laptop internet and e-mail was introduced in 2002, it had so far proved impossible to get SMEs to subscribe to the service. This meant it was the domain of early adopters and gadget freaks. Most SMEs failed to see the service's relevance due to the technological and innovative way it was communicated by market leader Vodafone.

KPN used the ‘Goodmoron lingo’ from its successful 2007 campaign (see KPN's award-winning case from the 2008 IMC Awards) and the term Dongel to make child's play out of mobile laptop e-mail and internet, which had already been available for years. Communications using recognisable customer insights made the message relevant for the large group of 733,000 Dutch SMEs (733,000 businesses with up to 50 employees (source: CBS)). KPN aims to convince all SMEs to adopt mobile working by emphasising that mobile laptop internet is extremely simple and easy.