Telstra Mum 2.0

Dan Pankraz, Brent Annells, Peeyosh Chandra and Diane Chua

This is the story of how planning tackled the online generation gap and helped Aussie Mums become more digitally savvy.

Tasked to extend Telstra's Call Mum Campaign digitally, DDB Sydney did a social media deep dive investigation of conversations about parents connecting with their kids online. What we uncovered was a unique social insight, which represented an incredible opportunity for Telstra to bring Mums and kids together.

Our research of over 10,000 online conversations pointed to a need to overcome a critical issue, the dreaded “OMG – Mum's on Facebook” factor.

A unique insight and opportunity emerged, Mums needed to be trained in ‘Net etiquette’ if they were to better connect with their kids.

It became clear there was a role for Telstra to be an ‘enabler’ of family connections online. Planning decided to give Aussie Mum's a “Digital Makeover”, teaching them the do's and don'ts of social networking.