Trendwatch: Presumer power

Henry Mason

Choice-saturated consumers are more demanding than ever. Not only do they demand the best products and services, they want them first, and with a sense of genuine human connection too.

Thanks to the rise in crowdsourcing platforms, new technologies helping to democratise manufacturing, and a cult of entrepreneurialism, consumers are fulfilling these desires by engaging with products and services pre-launch – getting involved with, funding, pushing and promoting, new products and services before they are fully realised. We like to call these people 'Presumers'.

There are three key drivers pushing more consumers to become Presumers.

Firstism: Recently, we talked about Newism (Admap, October 2012) and consumers' increasing desire for the new. Well, the ultimate in Newism is consuming in the future tense. By helping to make a product a reality through funding, feedback and support before launch, Presumers will be the first to have it.