10 global trends in alcohol

Michael Brennan
Trajectory Partnership

From high levels of youth unemployment in Europe, to a more widespread health and well-being agenda, drinks manufacturers are finding that many global trends are impacting their market.

The global market for alcoholic drinks captures many of the key dynamics of today's global economy and society. We can see stagnation and decline in many developed markets juxtaposed with rapid growth in many of the developing markets. We see health and well-being trends impacting on the sector globally – along with increasing regulatory pressures and a resurgent (religious) conservatism in many markets. The rise of the consumer class drives the premium market by tapping a thirst for conspicuous consumption, while their peers in the developed markets build their appetites for authenticity and connoisseurship. Global youth unemployment and declining real incomes in developed markets combine to increase value hunting and nihilistic behaviours – as well as an increasingly professionalised approach to self-development, employment and personal branding. Mobile technologies create a fluid and spontaneous social paradigm that challenges marketing orthodoxies.

1. Health and well-being