From Promoting Luxury Cars To American Cheese

Covering the gamut in event marketing

Ray Dreyfus
Hachette Filipacchi Magazines

Sitting behind the wheel of a brand-new Luxury sedan. Awaiting the starting horn to a 5K racewalk. Savoring a chock-full-of-chips cookie.

Today's consumers are not viewers but doers – and they won't settle for merely watching from the sidelines. As a result, marketers have learned that they need to move beyond traditional media vehicles to go where the target consumers are and can be reached. Event marketers have taken their cues from the people who count most – the ultimate consumer. Therefore, we're witnessing a proliferation of sports and leisure events where consumers can participate directly. We're also just scratching the surface of interactivity at all levels from the simplest pressing of a button to see a product's new feature, to actually seeing how to invest money online. Races, sampling, demonstrations and question-and-answer sessions with knowledgeable experts are just some of the ways to promote consumer involvement. Prizes, raffles and any other giveaways are other vehicles that help to enhance the success of an event.