Comcast Sports Network: World Championship Baby

Category: Single Impact Engagement
Brand/Client: Comcast Sports Network
Lead Agency: BBDO San Francisco

Strategic Challenge

These days, Fair Weather Fan-it is is an all too common affliction. No sport is spared its characteristic ebb and flow, coming in and out after a championship like the tide. When Super Bowls, Championships and World Series are won, throngs of people are overjoyed with their newfound team identification; but when thing go even slightly south? Well, it's like it never happened.

Some cities are more immune to the ravages of this disease: places like Green Bay, Chicago, and Boston. But one city could well be the ground zero for Fair Weather Fan-itis: San Francisco. No one knows exactly why, but when a team is winning, like the Giants were in 2010, it seems like the entire Bay Area became a hotbed of baseball fans. But inevitably, a slump sets in, and then everyone goes mountain biking.