Community explorer: Unlocking the power of community-oriented marketing

David Shiffman and Emily Vanides
MediaVest USA


People have an innate need and desire to share & connect in meaningful ways around the things that matter most to them. Driven by technology, media proliferation, mass adoption of social media platforms and the corresponding growth in peer influence, plus massive changes in consumer behavior and their expectations, people are forming increasingly powerful social networks – both online and offline - across an array of subject areas. These changes have ultimately made people's commitment to their communities of interest more visible, more identifiable and more influential than ever.

Our connected world is forcing marketers and their agencies to re-imagine marketing communications. In today's consumer-controlled, hyper social world, marketing needs to fuel more compelling connections between people and brands, and create brand experiences that are personally relevant and that generate conversation and sharing within a community by adding real value to members' lives.