Seven Big Ideas - Advertising Really Works! Thomas Industries Residential Lighting Division

Bruce H. Cole

My talk today is titled, "Advertising Really Works!". I would guess that only a few of you need any further assurance of that. We all know it works because that's how we sell our cars and our kids bicycles, and that may be how many of us got the jobs we have today or the ones we are going to have tomorrow.

For those of us who are engaged in industrial advertising or any of the other things that it may be called, a day to day realization that advertising really works is a little bit harder to come by than, for example, it must be for those of you who are engaged in recapturing three per cent of the cat food market in Philadelphia by the end of next week.

Our clients have an equally difficult understanding how advertising really works. That's why we are always grateful for an opportunity to show this Moe Light Story to any audience of three people or more. We call it the Big Idea.