Children: Seen and heard – conference report

Joseph Clift

Children's media consumption has undergone a paradigm shift over recent years, with today's pre-teens the first generation to have lived with the internet all their lives. The global childrens' market is also highly lucrative, worth some $2tr (€1.43tr, £1.23tr) annually.

These two facts are of acute interest to market researchers, a few of which discussed various aspects of marketing to – and gathering data from – young people and their families at the Children: Seen and heard conference, held in London on January 27th.

A new way to play: the growth of online gaming

One of the major signs of the general shift to online among youngsters is the huge – and increasing – popularity of internet gaming. The web has become an increasingly popular venue for play; time that might in previous decades have been spent outdoors with friends is now spent online. Claudio Pires Franco, research manager of Dubit, told delegates he had asked kids across Europe what they wanted to do while on the internet. Three popular responses: "Games, games, games."