Communication using celebrities in the non-profit sector: determinants of its effectiveness

Maria del Mar Garcia de los Salmones, Rafael Dominguez and Angel Herrero

University of Cantabria


Many things have changed since Kotler (1979, p. 38) said ‘Third Sector administrators must begin to think like marketers’, in the sense that the same tactics and strategies employed to market goods and services can be used to sell social ideas (Hill & Moran 2011). Nowadays, the non-profit sector is becoming a very competitive and a fast-growing advertising area (Wheeler 2009), and organisations are positioning themselves, communicating their values and struggling to raise funds through communication (Becker-Olsen & Hill 2006). In this sophisticated environment of fundraising competition, conceptual and empirical guidance is needed when designing charity appeals (Chang & Lee 2010) in order to maximise the impact of the communication strategy.