LG Mobile: Before you text, give it a ponder

Y&R Advertising New York


Reflecting their commitment to "Life's Good", LG decided to become the first cell-phone manufacturer to develop a program attacking the growing problem of teen mobile-phone bullying.

Teens and cell phones are inseparable. And while many teens have been victims and witnesses of mobile bullying, even more don't report it. Traditional schoolyard bullies torment the physically weak or socially outcast. Mobile bullies harass kids in the "faster crowd". Think tabloid culture. Perpetrators say, "Well, that girl really did puke. I was there and had to tell my friends."

Research uncovered our unique insight. Teens wouldn't consider the victim's feelings but would consider the personal consequences of their actions. While they thought it right to share gossip because they were reporting on something true, all could come up with an "oops" moment when they sent a text they wished they hadn't. They would tune out if we lectured but would listen if we suggested "think before texting" in the right voice.