Setanta Sports: Euro is coming

BMF Advertising


Category: Communications/Utilities
Country where program ran: Australia
Date program started/ended: 1 May – 30 June 2008

Product Description: Setanta Sports is an international sports broadcaster that has recently become available on Australia Pay TV.

Advertiser/Client Name: Setanta Sports


Marketplace Challenge:

This year, Setanta secured exclusive rights to Euro 2008 – the biggest international football tournament after the World Cup. With so many ex-pat Europeans living in Australia, Setanta knew this would be an ideal opportunity to boost subscriptions. To do that, we had to let these dedicated football fans know that the best place to see the entire Euro 2008 tournament was Setanta.

Target audience: Consumer

Football fans. Primarily ex-pat Europeans living in Australia. Although with the recent soccer resurgence in Australia, we also hoped to get some ‘home grown’ football fans who wanted to watch the tournament.