Love Irish Food: Makes all the difference


Company profile

Irish International BBDO forms the advertising arm of the Irish International Group. It holds an array of clients from diverse sectors with one unifying philosophy The Creative Work Comes First. Quite simply, it is the Work that gets talked about in shops, bus stops, pubs and clubs, it is the Work that remains after the briefings, workshops, presentations and discussions have long passed and it is the Work upon which all agencies are judged. Irish International BBDO is proud to have this philosophy central to everything it does and proud of what it has yielded for its clients.

Introduction & background

When the recession hit Ireland, consumers were looking to cut their spending wherever they could. The price of food was suddenly under a spotlight and Irish brands were coming under an increasing amount of pressure as shoppers were feeling the pinch in their weekly budget. Retailers were taking advantage of this situation to further diminish Irish brands. Tesco's new policy 'Change for Good' was being rolled out, which saw many favourite Irish brands being replaced with cheaper import brands or having their shelf space drastically reduced. It was in this climate, at the beginning of 2009, that Love Irish Food was formed.