Generation 'I': Three trends among Indian youth

Vartika Sahani
Cheil India

India's youth, and the way its attitudes change, are key concerns for brands. Over time the country's youth has stood for very conspicuous ideologies. These beliefs help demarcate social eras. The 1960s to 1980s was an era of pious imagery. Enter liberalization, and symbols of revolt became the order of the day. The mid-90s saw a more solution-seeking generation that looked to negotiate its way through life.

Times have changed again. So what has changed for the youth of today? There are three trends that are particularly strong among India's youth (and in some cases more broadly in Indian society) in 2012:

  1. Rigidity is coming under scrutiny
  2. Reality is prized over an 'ideal'
  3. Everything comes with an expiry date

To look at these issues in depth, we analyzed various elements of popular culture, including blockbuster movies, street fashion, role models, and music, as well as advertising campaigns.