Warc Prize Asia 2011: Chairman's comments

Miles Young
Prize Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide

Miles YoungJudging the WARC awards for Asia was a fascinating experience. At one level, we could not fail but be impressed by the breadth of the entries: ranging from novel use of channels to the most radical re-framing exercises, from countries large and small, and for an eclectic mix of clients. Through it all there was an enthusiasm – a sense of brio, almost – which emanated from the writing. That must bode well for the future of strategy in Asia.

The biggest issue we faced as judges was separating out those entries that were truly strategic from those that would have been gallant and worthy competitors in effectiveness awards or media awards. Those tended to make play of intermediate measures and eschew the deeper business issues and metrics that make the Prize a strategy award. So the top end of our shortlist veered towards the cases that clearly demonstrated business cause and effect.