Coca-Cola Zero: Swap

McCann Erickson Madrid


Our purpose: to prove to people that Coca-Cola Zero has the same taste as Coca-Cola Regular.

The idea: to prove that it tastes the same, to the extent that people are unable to tell the difference. How? By “swapping” them.

We made a deal with the Yelmo chain of cinemas, by which their bar staff would fill Coca-Cola Zero cups with Coca-Cola Zero, and slip them into original Coca-Cola cups. People knew nothing about the switch, until one of the staff of the actual cinema appeared in a spot explaining the trick. On the way out, we invited them to any Coca-Cola they fancied and 43% chose Coca-Cola Zero (Information collected by Yelmo Chain of Cinemas).

Quite an achievement.


Our purpose was to prove Coca-Cola Zero’s functional benefit.

“It’s Coca-Cola Regular with its authentic taste but with no sugar”.