International Beverage – Mekhong Export

Packaging Branded (Food and Drink)


This national icon of Thailand, named after the mighty Mekhong River, was the first branded spirit to be distilled in the country and commanded a loyal following as a result. But after 65 years it had lost its appeal among the modern Thai people and, crucially, wasn't succeeding in lucrative export markets either. It is these export markets that Mekhong wanted to win over, while simultaneously restoring Thai pride in its beverage heritage.

With the West increasingly looking to the East for inspiration, Thailand and its cuisine is flavour of the decade on the international scene. Mekhong wanted to make the most of this new global love for all things Thai, but also travel beyond the Thai restaurant channel and be appreciated as a premium spirit in its own right. So in 2006, it enlisted the help of Pearlfisher to restore its iconic status and desirability, enabling it to enter upmarket channels with its head held high.