TV's influence on word of mouth

Neil Mortensen

Thinkbox research that investigated the relationship between paid, owned and earned media shows that brand conversations don't just happen, they are most usually the result of TV advertising.

It is good to talk, as Bob Hoskins used to remind us in the British Telecom ads back in the day, and we have probably never talked more than we do today. As technology has expanded, so have our means to talk; the volume, in every sense, has increased. Our pillow talk, bar chat, and water cooler conversations have been supplemented by the conversations we now have online via the host of devices we surround ourselves with.

There are many reasons we talk – to flirt, to cajole, to complain, to insult, to warn – and recent research by Data2Decisions, the marketing effectiveness consultancy, commissioned by Thinkbox, has examined a particular topic that has become a normal part of our day-to-day discourse: brands.