Victoria & Albert Museum – Cold War Modern Exhibition


Promotion of London museum exhibitions tends to follow a tried and tested format. Using channels such as newspaper reviews; tube posters; digital advertising creates footfall from enthusiastic tourists or repeat visitors to the respective museum.

With the V&A's Cold War Modern Exhibition – a retrospective of Cold War living encompassing Architecture, Art/Film, Design and Politics, running from September 2008 to January 2009, carrying both specialist and populist appeal – the V&A and 1000heads saw an opportunity to evolve this approach and engage a whole new audience, with a collaborative and creative word of mouth campaign that would become a unique experience for all involved.


The iconic and ongoing cultural currency of the Cold War offered a real chance to get a diverse audience involved. 1000heads wanted to tap into the nostalgia of those alive at the time, but also exploit the curiosity of younger voices still familiar with Cold War images and ethos – if only thanks to cult film and literature.