Breakaway brands of 2009 (Landor Perspectives 2010)

Josey Duncan Lee
Landor Perspectives 2010

What does a breakfast cereal have to do to break out of the (cereal) box? How does Dog Whisperer help differentiate a venerable media stalwart? And what does celebrity gossip have to do with Super Bowl parties? These are the stories behind some of today's most successful brands. They are the brands that broke away from the pack—and they may surprise you.

What follows are ten tales of brands, old and new, that dared to be different in ways both compelling and relevant to their audiences. As a result, they have enjoyed steady, quantitative growth in brand impact from 2005 to 2008. Almost all can attribute their increased strength to an exceptional ability to perceive, capitalize on, and even help create trends—while remaining true to their core brand promise. These brands broke away because of the unique brand-led experience they carefully crafted across every customer touchpoint. They are transformative in their focus and wide-ranging in their impact—and we call them breakaway brands.